Welcome to Lil’ Heart Sluggers

We donate a baseball case, ink pad, mini Louisville Slugger bat and a Lil’ Silver Slugger Award which is given to the toughest and bravest Lil’ Sluggers after their surgeries. Our Lil’ Sluggers also get their very own personalized baseball card on our website. We also provide emotional and spiritual support to the families of our sluggers. One of the hardest things about having an organization like this, is not every slugger makes it through their surgeries. In remembrance of those we donate a Louisville Slugger bat that is personalized just for those families. We also add them to our Angels above the Outfield section of our website. We also help our families through silent auctions and by providing meals and parking passes to our sluggers with longer hospital stays. At this time we have 450 Lil’ Heart Sluggers signed up from Coast to Coast and internationally with sluggers from Canada and Australia. 100% of every dollar donated goes back into Lil’ Heart Sluggers.

About Us

On September 26, 2012 my wife and I welcomed our first son Jaxon Matthew Russell. In the midst of our excitement and joy we realized soon after his birth that he had a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD). Six days after his birth, Jaxon was scheduled to have the first of many surgeries to repair his pulmonary valve. During this time of fear and uncertainty we wanted to do something together as a family and more importantly something special for our new born son. We decided after some consideration to put his hand print on a baseball. In that singular moment we weren’t thinking about surgeries or CHD we were enjoying a moment and creating a memory with our son. Instantly that baseball became one of our most prized possessions. Since then God has put it on our hearts to share that gift, that moment of peace with others in similar situations as ours.