America At The Seams

My name is Nathan Rueckert and I am an Artist in Sioux Falls, SD.  I have a passion for baseball and giving the game new life through the creation of artwork made from the tattered seams and leather of old baseballs.  On the first day of Spring Training this year, I launched an epic Kickstarter project to create a 5 foot wide artwork made completely from old, tattered baseballs.  I promoted the project heavily on my social media pages and I was absolutely blown away by the support received from baseball fans across the country!  The funding period ended on MLB Opening Day with 119 backers pledging over $17,000.  Unbelievable!

So what’s the project all about?  I’m creating a 5 foot wide map of the United States made completely from the leather and red seams of actual used baseballs.  Each state will be made uniquely from balls obtained from that state, but even more, each state’s baseballs will be obtained from someone with a powerful story of how baseball is more than just a game.

Why you ask?  If you watch the news these days, it feels like our country is falling apart at the seams.  Democrat vs Republican, White vs Black, Rich vs Poor, Religion vs Religion…the list goes on.  But differences shouldn’t divide us, and there are still things in the country that unite; that bring people together from all walks of life….things like baseball.

America at the Seams Balls
America at the Seams Balls

We’re  overly excited to say that we were chosen to represent the state of Kentucky for this project, it has been an absolute Blessing to not only be considered for this project but to actually be chosen!! Pictured on the right are the baseballs that we sent in for this project which includes a ball from Jaxon’s first year of  t-ball that he and I would warm up with before his games along with a ball that he got from the Washington Nationals during a Cincinnati Reds game. There are also balls that were donated by the San Diego Padres, The University of Kentucky, and from our very first donor of baseballs and where I had the opportunity to play college baseball Alice Lloyd College.

All of these balls that were sent has had a very special meaning to us and we can’t wait to see them  displayed Nationally with so many other remarkable baseball stories. You can also see below the Facebook post that the Baseball Seams Co. shared about choosing us for the state of Kentucky.